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Located in the centre of Valencia and with more than 35 years of experience, our doctors are available to solve your problem at any time and any hour.

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Located in the centre of Valencia and with more than 35 years of experience, our doctors are available to solve your problem at any time and any hour.

With more than 400 reviews and a score of 4.9, this makes our company a reference in the treatment and attention to the patient and the degree of satisfaction with the work performed.

Dentista de urgencias en Valencia, urgencias dentales de cualquier tipo. Foto de nuestro equipo preparado para atenderte en cualquier momento.
Luis Felipe Avilés
Luis Felipe Avilés
Personal muy amable y eficaz. Recomendado.
Katerina Azarova
Katerina Azarova
Had an impacted wisdom tooth that decided to flare up over the weekend (just my luck). I requested an emergency appointment, was seen by Dr Camilo a few hours later (on Saturday evening) and scheduled for extraction for Monday. At every step I felt incredibly comfortable, well-informed and taken care of, which is not how I used to feel about dentists at all. Dr Camilo is kind, professional, and makes you feel reassured about everything that he is about to do. In an odd way, I’m glad my toothache happened over the weekend, because otherwise I might not have found this clinic. Happy to report I’ve already been back for a cleaning, and will go back again. Staff speaks English, the clinic is centrally located - couldn’t recommend them highly enough!
Great experience, I was with my little boy of 10 years old. The dentist took us a Sunday morning. He was very nice and the communication was in French and Spanish. Very good experience.
Ilona Vleeshouwers
Ilona Vleeshouwers
Goede sevice, heel aardig en zeer professioneel. Ik kon diezelfde ochtend meteen terecht voor problemen met een abces in de mond. Ik ben goed geholpen.
Elvira Kolic (Elvi)
Elvira Kolic (Elvi)
Ich hatte sehr starke Schmerzen am rechten Oberkiefer an meinen Implantaten. Es war alles voll mit Eiter. Ich konnte nicht mehr klar denken. Ich konnte gleich an diesem Donnerstag kommen. Er hat mir Medikamente verschrieben und mir 2 Tage später am Samstag die Implantate entfernt. Am Sonntag war ich ohne Schmerzen. Camilo ist eine Kapazität auf diesem Gebiet und ich vertraue mich ihm weiterhin an. Danke Camilo......👍
Llegué con un dolor terrible por una endodoncia que me realizaron en otra clínica que se había infectado y tras la intervención experimenté un gran alivio. El trato y los procedimientos, excelentes. Al fin pude descansar. Ni siquiera he necesitado antiinflamatorios después de ser tratado. Totalmente recomendable!
Laura Millan Malea
Laura Millan Malea
Acudí de urgencias, el trato expectacular!
Virginia Crener Crener
Virginia Crener Crener
Mi experiencia fue realmente positiva. Gran dentista y mejor atención al paciente.

Types of Dental Emergencies

Take a look at the list below.
Any of the following situations should be considered an emergency and
needs urgent professional attention.

Dental and gum-related

  • Boils and inflammations not improving with anti-inflammatory medication
  • Dental fractures caused by a strong impact
  • Loss or fall of dental pieces
  • Sharp pain on teeth or gums, not improving despite taking painkillers
  • Pain caused by wisdom teeth
  • Mouth cankers, thrushes and cold sores
  • Abscesses and suppuration
  • Post tooth extraction hemorrhages

Denthal prosthetics

  • Fallen veneers or crowns
  • Loss of the screw holding a prosthesis
  • Broken prosthesis or dentures
  • Loose crowns or dental bridges

Dental implants

  • Sustained pain after implant placement
  • Swollen gums on areas near implants
  • Fallen implants
  • Implant anchors in need of adjustment
  • Discomfort caused by recent implants.

Pediatric dentistry emergencies

  • Reatment of cavities and their complications.
  • Sustained fever after a dental procedure.
  • Baby teeth not falling out when definitive teeth start erupting.


  • Internal sores on lips, tongue and cheeks, caused by orthodontics
  • Brackets detachment
  • Sustained pain or bleeding after brace adjustment
  • Arch breakage.

Medical emergencies

  • Maxillofacial accidents
  • Sustained fever after a dental procedure
  • Difficulty when opening the mouth or swallowing
  • Rashes linked to medication prescribed after a dental procedure

A little about dental emergencies

We eat, we drink, we talk, and generally, we forget how important good oral health is, until a problem appears. And this is never at an appropriate time. Recognizing a dental emergency is as important as treating it on time to avoid further complications.

Everybody needs dental treatments, be it for cosmetic or functional reasons. From the right position of the teeth to having a nice smile, the general state of health is always related to the mouth.

However, successful orthodontics and dental treatments depend on many factors: the dentist, the materials, the patient’s mouth condition and previous procedures, just to name a few. Still, nobody is exempt of needing urgent dental attention. We know how the functional and cosmetic impact that oral and dental problems have.

Problems may appear at any time and may be due to several reasons: time, natural wear bad hygiene or lack of maintenance. There are clear symptoms indicating when a problem requires immediate attention: pain, fever, bleeding or discharge.

Accidents, sharp pain or aesthetic mishaps like a fallen veneer may seriously alter people’s immediate life, and in some cases, the wait can be unbearable.
That’s why having a dental emergencies service is critical to solve such problems and regain quality of life. The Arte Sano Clinic is composed of a team of experienced specialists and equipped with the latest technology to face any given situation.

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